Green Electricity Marketplace is taking a break

After 18 years of promoting renewable energy by listing available green tariffs, the site is going to take its listings offline for a few months.

Over the 18 years we've seen the number of green tariffs rise from 5 to over 50, with some of these tariffs changing their pricing twice a month. Keeping pricing information up to date has become a much bigger task than it used to be.

Some suppliers have been very helpful in supplying us with tariff details, others make finding pricing information across all 14 supply regions on their websites a time consuming process, and don't respond to our requests to be sent tariff details.

Maintaining pricing information and dealing with so many tariffs has come at the cost of not being able to provide the level of analysis we'd like to on individual tariffs and suppliers.

For instance, we have for some time wanted to include information regarding REGO trading on the site, but limited resources have meant that this has not been possible, for more on this issue see About Green tariffs

We are going to take the next few months to investigate ways of securing the resources that would be needed to provide more detailed information and pricing on the 50 plus 100% renewables tariffs now on the market.

We feel it is better to suspend our listing for now rather than continue with a service which is below the standards we aim to provide.

Our thanks to those who have given financial support over the last couple of years since we stopped taking referral fees from electricity suppliers.

Green Electricity Marketplace (GEM) no longer accepts referral fees from electricity suppliers. It is not associated with any general switching site and is committed to promoting renewable electricity through the provision of information and independent assessment of Green electricity tariffs.

We aim to provide accurate and up-to-date pricing, but given the volatility of the electricity market, please confirm current pricing with your chosen supplier.

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