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Unlike most comparison sites, we don't take referral fees. It's the most transparent way to show that our rating system for green tariffs is not influenced by any income received. As we're not paid by suppliers to promote their tariffs, we can't offer you a free gift for using our site.

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Other green tariffs

M&S offer several "100% renewable" tariffs. However, the electricity is supplied entirely from SSE's old hydro schemes - electricity that has been part of the general electricity supply of SSE (and its predecessors NSHEB and Scottish Hydro) for half a century. Rebadging it as M&S and removing it from their general supply doesn't seem to us to do anything to promote higher levels of renewables in the electricity supply mix.

Co-operative Energy offer 100% renewables tariffs from local windfarms to a small range of AB, DD and IV postcodes. Our system is not designed for listing tariffs that are only available in part of any supply region.

Green Energy offer a tariff, TIDE, for customers in England where the unit price of electricity is different at different times of day. Such pricing, if more widely adopted, has the potential to reduce peak demand and the need for some of the electricity supply system's less efficient and more polluting generating capacity. Unfortunately, our site is not yet able to list this tariff given the multiple unit rates involved.

A number of recent entrants are offering green tariffs and we will be reviewing and adding these to the site shortly. These are: Engie Green Fixed Sept 18 (Paper Billing); Engie Green Fixed Sept 18 (Paperless Billing); Tonik Positive Energy v2; Tonik Life Energy; Bristol Energy My Green Plus 1 Year Fix Issue 2; and Fischer Energy One Fair Tariff.

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